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July 2013

Fire Effects Class


This year, I have tinkered with LEDs, learned how to weld, and lit some neon tube. I want to add an incendiary component to my projects, so why not learn the right way through a class called “Flame Effects for Art.” Along with corporate co-worker John, I signed up for …



Along with the rest of San Francisco’s glitterati, Greg decamped this summer to Europe, specifically to a little rental place in Berlin. He suggested we meet somewhere on the Continent for a week’s vacation. Trouble is, Europe groans during July with crowds, costs, and cooking heat. We bandied about ideas …

Back to Chiropractic

About two years ago, I flirted with chiropractic care. On the advice of a coworker, I interviewed two chiropractors and found neither satisfying. Both chiropractors stressed a witch’s pseudo-science of subluxation that portended a lot of expense and not much care. This year, I’ve been seeing regularly a massage therapist …