12/28/15 – Airports

Ah, the sad glory of international air travel. American Airlines cancelled outright the first two flights this morning back to San Francisco, including mine. I stand one hour in a ticketing line, then another hour in the gate security line. I’m likely spending eight hours in the Dallas airport before I can return home to San Francisco. I did eat a bagel and do have time to write.

And so it ends. Nothing got stolen; nobody got hurt. I baked in the equatorial sun and swayed at night. Fortunately both sunscreen and Dramamine work wonders. I return quite eager to travel more, even by boat, just not soon. I want time home now to reflect, sit, plan, and build.

On such a trip characterized by water and wildlife, I was surprised and grateful how much we snorkeled. I shall remember looking through the chasm of Kicker Rock down on sharks looming below. We saw so many colorful birds with mismatched feet of red, blue, and black. I may not have ridden a tortoise, like Darwin did, but we did gallop with the pogos. As the sun sets over the warm Pacific, the stars – especially Orion – sparkle above the swaying top deck of the boat. We look at the sea for porpoise fins, awaiting the 6:15pm dinner bell and the evening briefing by Julio of where Yata Frigata shall sail tomorrow. Listos?