43Welcome to Red Lounge Saint. Welcome to me, Steve Dudek.

I collect here musings on what I do and pictures of what I see. The site serves as a easily-accessed archival repository for my life. Herein lies my writings. I enjoy the long form of prose and and a good rant.

Red Lounge Saint is one way for friends to see what I am up to. Few may read these essays. I even removed most of the ability for you to comment, tweet, or like. Write to me instead, or be inspired to record a life history of your own.

The outlook herein is both impersonal and intimate. As I become more assured of the my own craziness that is me, I put more of myself in these pages and out there in the world. I quite enjoy who I am, what I do, what I like, and where I have been.

Thanks for stopping by.


Steve Dudek
San Francisco
June 2013

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