Art 201x

I dump another heap of phone photos, these from 2012-2019 exclusively of things I built. At its heart, all Art is a risk to engineer something new. Some of these costume pieces never got worn: a duck (!), a first attempt at an owl hat, a feather headdress. So ridiculous. Other photos document the progress of my larger art installations. I rebuilt the small Square several times, as well as the large Squares because I found their pixels too asymmetric. The Triangles no longer exist.

I’ve installed LED pieces at over 100 events ranging from museums to corporate parties and nightclubs. For most of these events, I never took pictures, preferring that the art remains fleeting, immersive, and kinetic. It’s hard to photograph a large piece from within a small space. The point, kind of, was not displaying the work, but my effort and joy in making the pieces, almost like a jigsaw puzzle that just after completion is disassembled and returned to its box.

January 2021, I presume to have just one more large LED piece in me, a rectangular Mandala. As I look through the years of crafting, some of my work shines better than others. Both the Snowflakes and Roses work so well, I should head more in their direction: organic, non-uniform pixels, instead of the recent enforced-linear black edges.