Art 2020

I’m not great at either taking professional pictures of my LED contraptions or publicizing my work. This year, I set up an Instragram account, but have not added many photos to it. Here, I dump all the phone pictures I took this year of my LED work. Some photos show how I construct these pieces.

This year, I made more LED sculptures of a higher quality : 3 Hexes, 3 turtle shells, 4 small Pentagons, 1 large Pentagon, 1 small Mandala. I finally reworked ten years of LED software, initially rewriting the entire Pixel Pusher algorithm, abandoning that hardware to focus on John Major’s DMX King board, finally ending up with a low-level port of shows to existing Arduino C microchips. The lights no longer flicker. They always be fading. Mechanically, I figured out black borders for cells to make the resulting sculptures crisper and better geometrically defined.