Beginning of the End?

I finished this Monday morning a two-hour Data Science assessment exam for a potential employer. Last week, I spoke on the phone to two people at the company, the hiring manager and the Head of Software Engineering. I have yet to interview, but… I like this company. I could see myself working there. The work commute may be killer to Redwood City, but the company offers a shuttle and may let me work one day per week from home. I’m no longer a chemist tied to the lab. The job is quite similar to my previous role, but why not start for once from strength, instead of flailing?

I tend to project too much of my future. Looking ahead, I could see myself interviewing with this company either this week or next. I can see myself accepting a job offer by the end of November, asking to start at the beginning of 2018, and finishing out my time away from work. This period now may indeed be the beginning of the end.

I scramble thinking that time grows short. What left do I have to do? I do need to realize that just because work starts up again, I still can travel, work on projects, socialize, and improve myself. Life doesn’t stop because of work. I have two categories left for goals:


Build the 2 remaining Snowflakes. I have already built two Snowflakes, programmed them, and assembled fabric and vinyl covers. I bought the parts for the remaining two Snowflakes and await delivery of LEDs from Hong Kong. I still need to get some beefier microcontrollers for the larger Arduino programs, and make sure the new code works to include show fading. I think I can build a Snowflake in two days, so I would need a leisurely workweek to complete the Snowflake project. Their debut may be for New Year’s Eve at 550 Barneveld.


I have not left the country this year, nor have I done much camping recently. Money concerns, a lack of travel companions, and a willingness to stay home to code keep me in San Francisco. I have 3 destinations in mind.

Camp. Much of the southwest, for places like Great Basin, Zion, or the Grand Canyon, has overnight lows of 20F, far too cold for camping. If I want to camp by car, I could either drive south to Death Valley or north to the coastal California redwood groves. Both sites are spectacular; both sites I have seen before. Another option could be a solo trip to the Hawaiian island of Kauai for camping and exploring.

Leave the country. I may try to get back on board with my brother’s Cuba trip. I’m still annoyed no planning has been done, except for purchasing flights. I hate nagging folks or taking on the bulk of the work myself. Otherwise, I could head out on my own to Costa Rica, New Zealand, basically any destination south.

Be quiet. In the Santa Cruz foothills, Vajrapani meditation center offers cabins for silent meditation with a minimum stay of two nights. I went once about 5 years ago. It’s time for me to go back, be still, and watch the stars. Similarly, I want to soak one afternoon in San Francisco’s Kabuki Spa.