Day 117 – July 31, 2014

I’m focusing on the opposing forces of relaxation and efficiency. I want to do everything better, but more slowly, thoughtfully, and peacefully.

My mantra is: 20% slower! Walk 20% slower, talk 20% slower, read 20% slower.

Most traffic lights in San Francisco count down for pedestrian crossing. I used to race those numbers for the sake of efficiency. I now perambulate to the descending numbers to enjoy a traffic cycle of looking around the interesting intersection.

If I add time to my efforts, I can concentrate more on what I am doing. I swept and mopped the apartment yesterday. Instead of wanting to be anywhere else, I tried focusing on the motion on the broom. I have a lot of time remaining on this sabbatical. I wish to be present for it.

When typing, I slow down to engage all ten digits. I used to avoid pressing keys with my spindly pinkies. I have time to put the pinkies to work.

I am trying to learn the quick keys on text editors and in software programs. Why laboriously scroll the mouse, when I can use the option, command, and arrow keys?

I want to fix things that are broken, to perfect things that are rambly, and learn things that are difficult.