Day 122 – August 6, 2014

I woke around five thirty this morning and lay in bed until advancing light drove me to get up. The coffee I drank the previous afternoon may have tinkered with my circadian rhythms.

I’m percolating with so much creativity that I can no longer sleep. I have shows to write for the electric sheep, LED sculptures to program, and large art projects to build. Each idea generates three more. The call of each project to be actualized gets me out of bed lest I forget one of these children.

This may be the most creative period of my life. At work, I spent the day filling out forms, staring at PowerPoint presentations, and basically passing time. Now that I reclaim the hours, I feel much more alive, active, and creative.

I still tend to the business of humanity: laundry, cooking, cleaning. I try to be more mindful and patient with these errands. Even running throws off a few new ideas when I take the turn in Golden Gate Park.

It will be hard to go back to a jobbie job.