Day 123 – August 7, 2014

I am one-third finished with my year away – so much accomplished, so much yet to do.

In my final month of work, I grew a list titled “What would I do with one year?” I refer periodically to these instructions.

Under Family, I wrote three items: stay 1 week with John and Ray, spend 1 month with parents, and build furniture with my Dad. Although I did not build furniture with my Dad, he did teach me how to cut and drill PVC to build the Platonic Solids. I mark all three family items successfully completed.

Under Body, I wrote three labors: Triathlon, Swim, Intense Yoga. I have yet to start any of these three activities. Late fall and winter shall be times of athletic prowess.

Under Travel, I listed cross-country car travel and a cross-Canada trip. My 10,000-mile drive fulfilled both objectives. I still wish for a camping trip, a south-east Asia trip, and a Balkans trip. Let’s just call it camping and two international tours.

Lists aside, I realize I have yet to set aside time for myself to relax, renew, and reflect. I have two-thirds of a year for nothingness!

Starblazers, a 1980s Japanese animated show, counted down one year until the death of Earth. I’m feeling a similar one-year clock.