Day 153 – September 7, 2014

Some wonder what I do with my unlimited free time. Party until dawn? Drive to Tulsa? Hang out all day and night at bars like Zeitgeist, Noc Noc, and Alembic?

Yesterday, I wrapped two jumbles of phone cord on to a spool. Exciting? Yes. Time off means time that I want to spend at home. I’m not exactly nesting, but I am repairing and restoring, getting my nest organized for the next flight.

For a 2012 Burning Man project, I cut a spool of phone cord into 50-foot pieces to hook up flower lamps. At the close of the project, I bagged the phone cord and shoved the jumble in my basement storage locker.

I finally have the time to spool the phone cord. I may even throw out the spool, but at least I have physically and psychically wrestled chaos into order. I’m delving into other messes at the house, straightening, ordering, and throwing out.

I’m not sure what happens at the close of this organization: perfection? Reduction to simple necessities? I may be reducing my belongings so I can pack all I own into my car to move on somewhere else. In the meantime, in case you worry, I’m not out wasted at bars- I’m home spooling (home schooling?) phone cord.