Day 155 – September 9, 2014

Tuesday morning, I sit in a laundromat at 14th and Valencia to wash the Platonic Solids for a post-Burning Man Party. Microsoft insists of capitalizing Laundromat. $5.15 of wash money gets everyone into the “pool.” I type a lot during laundry: washing my clothes, washing my words.

Now months away from work on either side, every day defaults to Sunday. I do errands, not go to the party. I read books, not meet up with friends. This year off may not be the manic do-everything and go-everywhere race I envisioned. I may just want a break. Evenings, I watch movies at home alone.

I am content with simplicity. I like organizing and reading books. I may eventually run out of items to organize and books to read, at which point I will return to the world and even to work.

I’m currently planning December travel with brother Ray and friend Lee, either to Morocco or Tanzania. I just might get to Africa before the year ends.