Day 185 – October 9, 2014

A recruiter calls. She asks whether I wanted a job, not just any job, but a chemistry jobby-job at a local biotech company. I am flattered. She enquires about my competency with next-generation DNA sequencing. I just spent six years sequencing DNA!

The recruiter’s enquiry overwhelms me. I am not ready to return to work. I want six more months of learning, art creation, installations, travel, and reflection. For the right job, I will start now. Eventually, meaning mid-2015 if my job search goes poorly, I will take any-ol’ job. In the meantime, I do not want to waste the recruiter’s time, my time, and the company’s time if I am only dabbling with job offers.

Tomorrow, I will call back the recruiter. I will explain my new technology fellowship that requires an intensive class and a final project due at the end of the year. I will tell her that I find her jobs interesting, but I cannot delve further until at least December.

I worry about my souring attitude towards chemistry. I usually hesitate at sudden commitments, new projects, and the plunge. I excel better at the interview stage and when ensconced in an office. Mustering that initial motivation will be hard.