Day 204– October 30, 2014

When I left work back in April, I presumed ahead only untrammeled idle leisure. Instead, I have been busier than ever. Why do I need to justify my time so much to myself? To you?

Where went my plan to rest? I’m in the midst of an extensive coding course and building triangles for New Year’s Eve. After both projects conclude, I would like January through March to be the time of great rest. I can do, just not so intensely.

Furthermore, next year I want finally to get out of the house. I have spent so many days organizing my belongings, cleaning my furniture, cooking meals for one, and gazing at this navel. I want to explore the outside.

Ruben counsels opening the front door to unplanned adventures. Hit the street and just walk. Stay out late or go to bed early. Find an event from a pole flier. I have not done anything unplanned for quite some time, unusual for a year off, but not for a year exquisitely planned.