Day 217– November 12, 2014

Last night, I took a Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator Test. When I first took the test in college twenty years ago, I fell into the common INTP type of science researcher.

This time around, I place as ENFJ for teacher. Perhaps all 16 personalities can fit, but ENFJ feels appropriate. Social leaders, ENFJ’s desire everyone to get along and be the best they can. This type avoids conflict and enjoys planning.

I have become more ‘E’ for extroverted, concerned more with relationships and less rooted in my private world. The ‘N’ for intuition signifies creativity and abstraction, a trait I always have had. ‘P’s focus on how things are done – compassionately and sympathetically – and less on what gets done. ‘J’s are planners that dislike uncertainty.

The site says, “ENFJs are idealist organizers, driven to implement their vision of what is best for humanity. They often act as catalysts for human growth because of their ability to see potential in other people and their charisma in persuading others to their ideas. They are focused on values and vision, and are passionate about the possibilities for people.

ENFJs are typically energetic and driven, and often have a lot on their plates. They are tuned into the needs of others and acutely aware of human suffering; however, they also tend to be optimistic and forward-thinking, intuitively seeing opportunity for improvement. The ENFJ is ambitious, but their ambition is not self-serving: rather, they feel personally responsible for making the world a better place.”