Day 222– November 17, 2014

Ug, I slept ten hours last night.

I’m planning January through March for wild abandonment. After so much sorting, organizing, and cleaning, I want to let go of structure and simply play. Stay out all night, or stay in all night. See what’s around the next corner and on top of the hill. Figure out whether the sun rises.

On dance floors, I periodically run into Joseph from Oakland. Most nights he pervades the San Francisco scene. He once told me, “Clubs hate me. I don’t drink and I won’t go unless I’m on the guestlist.” Perhaps Joseph needs a wingman.

I don’t have many unstructured weeks or months until retirement. Why not return to my Austin roots of out every night but Monday? And this need not be binge drinking. I can as easily depart for a meditation retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains or drive north to stay with Ruben in Sacramento. Go camping at Pinnacles or finally check out Noisebridge technology collective.

I’m one of the few that needs to schedule unscheduled time, to set boundaries on when to go off the rails. We are all organized people to some extent. I may be more than most.

Well, I had best get back to cleaning my bathroom, editing my journal, soldering some wires, and checking my lists.