Day 231– November 26, 2014

Home fills with little adventures and struggles. Brother Ray and I navigate spots for luggage and sleep. For dinner, the family drives together down the road for Thai food. My parents worry over the slow service in the crowded restaurant. I realize how rarely we are together for this long. Afterwards, my brother and I watch a video, Princess Mononoke, that we deem too violent for nieces.

My brother makes pancakes for my breakfast and gives me a short list of groceries. As the unmarried stragglers, we stick together. After breakfast, I fight the grocery store with my mother to buy bananas, potatoes, and three racks of lamb. The meat delivery truck has not yet arrived so we return to the store for more shopping.

We await the influx (onslaught?) of my brother’s family. The balance shall soon shift from forties and eighties to under ten. I still don’t know how to interact with children.