Day 245– December 9, 2014

I finished the hardware for the six Triangles: measuring, cutting, notching, folding, soldering, stapling, and testing are done. All six Triangles light up as advertised.

Now I have one week to write all the software. Go.

I lost my lead software engineer in the breakup with Greg, so I stare alone at self-written janky code in several programming languages. Can I get the computer to talk to the new lighting control board? Ironically, my relationship fell apart for lack of communication.

So I learn on my own how to install software packages, write regular expressions, error check, and set up a server. It doesn’t need to be elegant production code, but it needs to work robustly. In less than a week.

I’ll be beating my head on bits for the next few days. If I want to be a software engineer, here’s my trial by fire.