Day 251– December 15, 2014

Sometimes I need to step back for perspective. So I’m currently scrambling to finish programming 1000 lights on 6 Triangles before I get on a plane to Marrakesh. I’m coding digits eleven through one to walk like soldiers across triangular arrays for a New Year’s Eve count down, all the while negotiating camel rides to the Algerian border. Meanwhile, I’m charging batteries for my seahorse outfit and running laundry for upcoming guests. I’m installing giant glowing spiked balls for one thousand people and assessing a Christmas Eve dinner menu in Fez. I’m writing documentation for an art project that I may not get to see, as my plane returns from Morocco on 7pm New Year’s Eve, or not at all in 2014.

Other people might have rescheduled their jaunt through Africa to make time for a massive art installation. I am not one of those people. It has been one hell of a year.