Day 271– January 4, 2015

Intentions for 2015

At the start of this rocky year, I chart a course.

2014 was a year of saying NO: No to a job, no to a boyfriend, and no to an apartment. I’d like to say YES to 2015:

YES to work. I judged correctly that my camel ride through the lonely Sahara would encourage me to return to career. I want a job again. I want to be productive, collaborative, compensated, and fulfilled. I want a desk, a stapler, regular hours, project schedules, company happy hours, a team, and even a commute.

I’d like to start work in the spring, but I’ll take a good job now – like tomorrow. I’d like to work in software engineering. If after a year or two, I’m unsuited for coding, I can combine chemistry with software skills for a larger range of opportunities.

YES to people. Yes to reconnecting with old friends. Yes to social and supportive. Yes to new connections and new friends. Greg’s understandable absence leaves a sad hole in my middle.

YES to exploration outside this apartment. I don’t need to travel far as I did in 2014, but I do want to be social, inquisitive, and open-minded. San Francisco still delights. Let’s explore it. Ruben counsels opening my apartment door to walk in an interesting direction.

Strangely, that’s it. 2015 is such a blank canvas that I hesitate to fill it.