Day 282– January 15, 2015

Eventually in my time off, I do dumb things to claim freedom and flouting of convention. Lacking a job, office, or peers, I can do what I want, especially if silly. Eight years ago in an Austin driveway, I sandpapered my car and painted the hood and trunk orange. I never finished painting the rest of the car.

Today I bleached my hair to cure boredom and feel different. I’ve always loved blonds. Fortunately anyone with hair can turn unnaturally blond through chemistry. I prefer transgressively fake blonds over naturally golden locks. This time, my head turned quite orange. Fuck it, it’s great.

Tomorrow, I’ll add green. My mother often said that my hair matched my eyes. Finally, my blond-and-green hair will match my green-and-gold eyes, yet the green may turn out blue or just strange. Fuck it, it’s going to be great.