Day 283– January 16, 2015

Ug, online dating. Now that I’m single, I should check out the dating scene. Modern internet applications make it easy to put myself out there and peruse offerings. However, online dating never was quite for me. I have ambivalent sexual orientation complicating whether I join looking for-men or for-women sites. San Francisco culture makes picking up gay guys far easier than straight women. Furthermore, I always assumed dating, romance, and sex were for well-adjusted people other than myself.

Nonetheless, I put together pictures and profiles for internet sites. I may come across a bit more freakish and a bit worse digitally than in person. Furthermore, my tastes in men and women are rather narrow and particular, but when I like you, I really like you. I go after folks not interested in my type. Ug, online dating.

I start with the notorious Grindr to discern the fuss. I rather not sleep with the whole city. I’m looking for love and marriage, not extra clothes on my bedroom floor. I’ll move on to the alternative matching site OK Cupid that helps with book recommendations if not dates.

At least search refines my goals and priorities. Perhaps I’ll learn quickly that I neither like to be objectified online, nor enjoy the endless internet page turning. It’s so hard and empty to start all over. I met Greg at a party, not through a series of tubes.