Day 285– January 18, 2015

Ah, emptiness. Since return from Morocco and end of the Triangle project, I flail about my apartment and the surrounding environ of San Francisco. If I’ve emptied myself of employment, regular personal contact, relationship, identity, and purpose, what might fill me now?

Fortunately, it won’t be stuff. I’ve purged and shed to own what I need. I’m not much materialistic anymore although I sink money into vacations. I’m glad to be free of frantic shopping and the popular misconception that I am what I buy.

Still, I don’t have enough…people. I miss a strong set of friends. I miss a primary partner and confidant, so I emote instead to lots of people and on to this journal.

I’m less worried of how I will fill this emptiness (I’m always busy) and more fascinated. There be unexpected adventures ahead!