Day 293– January 26, 2015

“Oofda!” as the Norwegians say. This Monday morning, I’m both hung-over and broke. The two are related conditions caused by drinking – drinking a pint at Public Works at 2pm in the afternoon, drinking three cans of Modelo at The New Parish in Oakland along with three shots of shitty tequila (hey, it was a special), and finally drinking two more bottles of Anchor Steam back at Public Works at midnight.

I knew January would be a month of going out, reclaiming social space, and discovering new people, places, and things. But, no need to get wasted and waste all that money, y’hear? The car has more gears than just park and fourth! Do I remember any lessons from December’s month away from alcohol?

Hey, socializing need not be a great evil. I’m making new friends, addressing my loneliness, and reshaping my identity. I’m taking part in projects, building community, and giving generously of my time and myself.