Day 303– February 4, 2015

I now have red hair that I dyed semi-permanently that supposedly fades after 6-8 washes. Last week I had green hair. I switched color palettes for the red I wore at Saturday night’s Fallen Cosmos event. Furthermore, Valentine’s Day approaches.

I’m forty-two and dying my hair unnatural colors like a disgruntled teenager. This red color may be both the goal and limit of my body modification. I don’t like tattoos and I already flirted with a piercing ten years ago on the top of my left ear.

I claim ownership of my look to modify and screw it up as I wish. I no longer give a fuck for your concern or opprobrium, as it is just hair color, my hair color. I’m jobless and free of obligations, so time to be crazy. I should have done this decades ago.