Day 308– February 9, 2015

I interview today for a job. I flutter this morning both anxious and excited. I like adventure but dislike being judged. Nonetheless, everyone should periodically apply, interview, and get evaluated. It’s good practice for the job of living.

In my 10-year corporate career, I have worked at just two chemistry companies. For those two jobs, I applied to four companies and received offers from all of them. I am not always successful. I once flew out covertly from Boston to Berkeley to interview at the academic Molecular Foundry. It was a disaster of a day ending with rejection, but taught that I don’t get everything I want.

Unlike some shorter job interviews, post-doctoral applications often require a long interview day with an initial lecture, faculty discussions, lunch, and lab tours. I ran the gauntlet of two post-doc interviews in the Netherlands and one in Berlin. All were scary but went well. For this interview today, I need to pull from previous strength: I have done this before, and I will do it again.

Oddly, the company to which I apply lacks job descriptions. On the one hand, I can’t study up precisely for the position. On the other hand, I can be honest and just myself, looking for a good fit with the company instead of trying to wedge myself into a position. Although I want this job, I don’t need it. Rejection is not rejection of my character, but that the company wants a different skill set.

Wish me luck!