Day 314– February 15, 2015

Sunday afternoon, I’m well into my bender. I’m eating second breakfast of coffee, cereal, toast, and beer at 5:30pm. This morning, Greg and I almost saw the sun rise over my bedroom window after a wonderful, long night of dancing.

Today, I have merely walked around this fair city of San Francisco (Dolores Park is slammed happy with people), split bagels and wine with Tom and John, and rolled around more around with Greg, this time at his place.

I pile six Triangles on the roof on my car to haul them to Mighty Club for an installation. We, the Hex Group, light the Honey Soundsystem party for their Presidents’ Day event. I hope rigging soon goes smoothly and the lights shine well past the 10pm opening.

Time has stopped in this wonderful weather. I drift happily between the rails of coffee and alcohol without too much thought of tomorrow. Life is quite good, if a little bleary. I turn my thinker low.