Day 317– February 18, 2015

Yesterday, I received a take-home problem set from the company at which I recently interviewed. The company sets practice problems for unusual candidates like myself to simulate the work environment. Although I can seek help, I do need to turn in a well-documented code base of answers.

As I know only a little bioinformatics, I have lots of research, frustration, and work ahead of me. Nonetheless, I’m smart and ambitious. I hope to work the rest of the week on this bioinformatics problem set.

I do have trouble queueing in that I typically tackle one task at a time on a schedule. To avoid unexpected priority changes, I continue to focus on the simpler top item than any more pressing new item.

With the current problem set, I have just started to display video – animated gifs – on the Triangles. I’d like to finish this little video project before I tackle bioinformatics. Then there’s cooking dinner, taking down the Triangles from Mighty Club, even running. Focus, focus.