Day 319– February 20, 2015

I stay home to program, or rather learn how to program. My prospective company sent me a two-part problem set with a difficult bioinformatics exercise and an easier python exercise.

Since the bioinformatics portion shall take me longer to conquer, I tackle first the python task so I can turn in some work quickly before everyone forgets that I interviewed.

I understand the task – write a function that permutes sets – but the details stymie me. I race around to learn how to parse arguments, check variable bounds, compress files, and plot results. I engineer more than asked to add a speed test, graphical results, and cogent documentation. Early afternoon, I proudly send off my finished program that is indeed representative of my capabilities.

Now after a brief break, I need to unpack the more difficult bioinformatics exercise. Like an old man, I prefer to work this Friday and Saturday night than drink in the bars or surf the internets. Although I could stay up until sunrise – it is not like I’m working tomorrow – I shall sleep early, wake early, and work early. Perhaps I don’t play as much as I once did, but this work and projects are my play.