Day 320– February 21, 2015

Coach Kyle drags the buoy barrier from horizontal to vertical along the length of the pool. “We’re doing something different today:” he announces, “laps.” When I began the swim class in October, I did not know how to breathe while swimming and could get across the narrow width. This pool has an unusual, frightening, long length of 33 yards or 100 feet.

I stare from the shallow end down at the deep end. One hundred feet looks a long way. “I want you three to swim to the end and back – twice.” The strong swimmer in our class takes off with mighty strokes. I bob up to take in an initial big breath of air.

I’m literally thrown into the deep end of the pool, quite a metaphor for learning, conquering, and life. I’m so proud of myself.

An Olympic triathlon requires a swim of 5150 feet, 52 lengths of this pool, or 26 laps. I can sorta do 2 laps. Just 50 more laps to go.