Day 329– March 2, 2015

This oncoming March may be my last month of freedom, even my last week of freedom. While the prospective company checks my references, rumors reach me of a job offer today or tomorrow.

I wind down this year, like an August kid returning to dreaded school. Although I wish to cram in all my remaining planned adventures, mostly I just sit. I may have already exhausted freedom or habituated to all this time. I can consume an idle day with an errand, like visiting the Vietnamese consulate in San Francisco,

I swim my last class. Even Coach Kyle moves on from teaching swimming to a new job as director of San Francisco aquatics. After splashing in the pool, I meet AJ with his kid at the San Francisco Zoo. We’ll run around the animals for this rare moment of three unemployed. We’ll soon get the kid a job, so AJ and I do not have to work. AJ begins his new job tomorrow at a Mission-Bay start-up.

I have only one foot in this country, as Greg and I depart soon for Vietnam. We pin down an itinerary and book more flights. Do we venture to Da Lat in the highlands or stay longer in Hoi An and Hue? I peruse Saigon hotels, wondering what they might look like.

I hesitate starting new projects with this uncertain future. I make white covers for the Triangles. I might start next an owl hat. Tomorrow, I visit Ruben in Sacramento for one last bender.