Day 334– March 7, 2015

I attract an unexpected fan club. One genial spirit recently told me the reason he returned to school is because of the art I do.

I posted a picture of diced butternut squash and sage leaves. Ruben and I cut up vegetables for Thursday night’s dinner. In response to the picture, a genial spirit commented, “I have often thought that it must be such an amazing life being you, ’cause even when you are all alone (perhaps driving across the country) you’re still in the company of one of the most amazing people in the galaxy.”

Another friend writes, “Somehow….mysteriously…you found the secret – that you not only had to create yourself, but you also had to create the standard by which you were judged. I’m sure this took hard work. But Nature creates some who have this same (mis) direction.”

I am thankful for such admiration. I will continue to do what I do.