Day 337– March 10, 2015

It is done – I have a job. Today I sign a job offer to start Monday, April 6. I survey the event horizon for freedom and mark just three remaining weeks.

Job negotiations could have dragged out longer than just one weekend of consideration. After I probed the upper bounds for salary and compensation, I had little left to do except sign the two-page offer document.

Like a courier, I bike Monday afternoon with the offer letter to the company. I preview my upcoming commute. No driving, no train, no standing around anymore.

Upon signing the offer, the head recruiter has little to give me in return besides a company snack and some iced tea. We seal the deal with a handshake.

On my lonely way out of the building, I am ambushed by my new boss and two other employees for a celebratory cocktail on the outdoor patio among the bamboo. Rich fixes fantastic red negronis, a signing bonus of sorts and a preview of the workplace.

This new company is different and more magical than the old. They want their employees to be the best people they can be and for them to do wonderful things both for the company and for humanity. I do not want to let them down. To prepare for the intense work ahead, I shall sequester myself in Death Valley desolation and then fly off to Vietnam.