Fun 201x

I thought I would finally dump most of the random photos off my phone into a more viewable and organized fashion. Unlike with a dedicated DSLR camera, these phone photos tend to be random one-off snaps. Within are pictures I took over the period of 2015-2019.

You can tell a lot about a person from his photos. I like murals, but not people. I hang out with just one or more, not huge crowds. I travel frequently to Sacramento, Ohio, and New York. I’m fixated on dinosaurs, penguins, and owls. I go to shows to listen to bands, I wander museums for art ideas, I wander up the hills near my apartment.

From such history sifting, I expected to dwell in loneliness and loss, especially when stuck now at home during a pandemic. I’m grateful to have led such a full, frivolous (full of frivolity!), fun life. I think I finally know what makes me happy.