Less is More

Sunday, a week ago, in an East Village bar, with Patrick, Amanda, David, and Jeremy, I spend forty dollars to drink three fancy cocktails. I hardly feel drunk. Oh no. Back in the day as a young college lad, when I first experimented with alcohol, one drink got my fairly wasted. Hangovers were miserable. Classmates were short on mixers and long on cheap bottom-shelf liquor. I could barely stand through a somambulent Sunday.

Now with frequent social drinking, my alcohol tolerance has caught up. I’d like to avoid pernicious alcoholism, so socially acceptable but so hard to rid. So, let’s try something new: no drinking between Sunday evening and Friday afternoon. Save the benders for the weekend. No drugs either. My regular marijuana and work on LED projects has got to go as well.

So I’ll have a stretch of five consecutive days to dry out, drop my tolerance, reclaim clarity, save money, and get healthier. I’m not an absolutist about most things, but I do like implementing self-improvement programs. Wise people work with their strengths and try to mitigate their foibles. So let’s raise a glass (of coffee) to this new and rather boring next stretch of five days.