I’m assessing my apartment for technology that could improve my quiet life. I bought a Bluetooth speaker to put in my kitchen so I can listen to music while I cook. A kettle arrived yesterday so I can boil water in a vessel other than a sauce pan on the stove. I drink a lot of tea. Time are a’changing: I’m switching my morning coffee routine from a Bialetti moka pot to filtered pour-over. I bought a glass conical contraption and coffee filters.

My apartment fills from 70% capacity to 90% capacity. I’m not toppling over stacks of boxes and books, but I am running out of empty space. This spring, I’ll purge again, although after last year’s spring cleaning, I may not have much more that I want to shed. Soon, I take apart 3 Sunflowers LED pieces not only for the LED parts but also for the storage space to make more pieces. Out with the old, in with the new.