Pleasure Principle

Coworker Ransom mentioned he occasionally stops in the morning at Tartine Bakery to eat a breakfast pastry before getting on the company shuttle to work. I live so close to this famous patisserie that I should also buy occasionally a croissant, but I don’t have enough time in the morning. I also eat enough office snacks.

The greater issue is I never buy that pastry. I’m having trouble figuring out what gives me pleasure these days. I seem most happy writing to-do lists and keeping busy. I don’t do beaches, I don’t watch television, I rarely relax. I worry, however, that life will end, or less tragically I’ll move away without enjoying Bay Area life.

I have half million dollars in the bank. I have a demanding job, but it is not thaaat demanding. What brings me joy? What can I do to point towards that joy? I may need to start simply by noting when I am happy and why. I don’t have fancy tastes but I rarely do anything for the fun of it.