Preparing for Burning Man 2018

I depart Thursday for a week in the northern Nevada desert for Burning Man. As this will be my 18th journey to the Playa, I am no longer a Burning Man minor. This year, I’m camping at 7:50 and H(al) with a 20-person camp called Pyramid Scheme, which is part of the greater BAAAHs village. I’ll be installing six LED triangle panels into a pyramid art car, constructed from a mail truck and geometric steel. I’m also setting up three giant LED sunflowers on the Esplanade at roughly the 7:30 arm as a contributing artist to the Luster Cluster Collective.

On the Playa, I’d like to connect with my farflung community over the years as well as deepen my bonds to those closer in the Bay Area. BAAAHs and Luster Cluster are throwing a Tuesday night party at the Luster Cluster space. Otherwise, I’ll be riding the pyramid art car or leading the charge for many a roaring wander through space and time.

My goal this year is to finally do it right!