Road Trip 2014 Phone Photos

On my ten thousand mile journey, I shot pictures with a Canon Rebel DSLR camera as well as my iPhone. The phone’s camera may be worse than the DSLR camera, but the phone is more portable and discrete. Plus, I can readily send the phone pictures to friends via text messages, important if the road feels lonely.

I post a large assemblage of photos in chronological order. I omit captions but here is the general trajectory:

Portland with Greg, Seattle with Greg and Steve Andrews, Montana dinosaurs at the Bozeman Museum of the Rockies, buffalo in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Fargo’s Plains Art Museum, Minneapolis art museums, Wisconsin’s Capitol in Madison, the Milwaukee art museum, Platonic Solids penguins and beer in Yellow Springs with brother Ray, big planes at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, three shots of Ann Arbor with Dee-Ann, soccer with brother John, the Montreal Botanical Gardens, Figment Festival in New York City, Swoon at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, bagels and bridges in New York City, Thoreau’s cabin, Brooklyn murals, Constitution Beach in Revere, old scrap books, Gettysburg battlefields, raptors in Yellow Springs, Kansas City barbecue, the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska’s Capitol, Carhenge in western Nebraska, Scottsbluff National Monument along the Oregon Trail, the University of Wyoming at Laramie, Dinosaur National Monument, the Mormon complex in Salt Lake City, Stockman’s Hotel and Casino in Elko, the Bonneville Salt Flats, cooking dinner with Ruben in Sacramento, whew.