Western Road Trip 2014

Early July 2014, I drove west from my parents’ house in Massachusetts back to my apartment in San Francisco. Over three weeks, I hit four more states new to me: Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. I avoided the Rockies as my ailing car struggles up hills. I camped when I could in Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Utah – and stayed with friends Rene and brother Ray. I did not take many pictures, but here are some:

Spiked balls at the Vermont Firefly Festival, Gettysburg battlefields, Rene’s family in St. Louis,  Car Henge in western Nebrasksa, Scotts Bluff monument in Nebraska, Fort Laramie in Wyoming, my crazy hotel in Laramie, WY, Dinosaur National Monument in Utah, Salt Lake City’s state capitol, the Bonneville Salt Flats.