Work Like No One Is Watching

If money were no object, how would you spend your day? During these months away from work, I assess answers. This isn’t yet the puzzle of what to do if you have just six months to live. I don’t feel the frantic urge to see every farflung world highlight: walk the Great Wall, ride a yak over the Himalayas. I do crave soon either an international trip or a camping sojourn closer to home.

I spend a lot of time at home. I don’t have great compulsion to party every night. I want to make something real; I want to make a Yaz record (LCD Soundsystem). So I write, I cook, I read, I exercise, I work on projects. I have daily routines and a regular sleep schedule (up between 7-8am and in bed between 11pm-midnight). During the day on the San Francisco streets it is just me, old people, and the homeless.

At least for where I am now in my mid-forties, if no one is watching, I design and build LED displays. I like the fabrication puzzle, the mix of materials and the blend of physical with software. Perhaps some day I’ll have said all that I wanted to say with lights, but for now I have a lot more to explore with these teardrop shapes. I’m building an artistic souvenir that hopefully will define this time away from work.