Somewhat silly for me to make resolutions for 2013 if the world ends next week. Nonetheless, I bet against disaster, and frequently win. I did well at completing most of my goals for 2012, so perhaps I should dream bigger for next year.


Hard to plan when or if I will visit my parents in 2013 as last year was the big year to celebrate birthday and anniversary milestones. Unless I leave my job for a sabbatical, I don’t foresee yet a trip east to commune with family. Vacation days are sadly tight. I would suggest they come visit me in sunny California, but I know that will not happen. Nonetheless, I’d like to persevere with my weekly call to Wellesley. I hope Dad makes me a chair.


I may be in the midst of a transformation. Relax! I’m trying to.

I have four months ahead of weekly therapy with Dr. Clinton that may end or curtail May Day when the money runs out. He’s definitely helping me introspect, accept complexity, prioritize and find solid ground.

Resolve with Greg.

I’d like to keep up my daily fifteen-minute meditation and see whether I can stretch it to one hour on the weekend.

Bake a birthday cake.



Keep active. Keep Serbicizing.

I should return to yoga. Chad has a Tuesday evening yoga class that I want to try. Yoga may open my back and help me breathe.

I want to see the physical therapist that Dr. Clinton recommends. She may unlock my shoulders. In the meantime, I’ll keep rowing twice a week, doing seventy pushups daily, and seeing my chair-massage guy at work every week.

I want to enroll in an adult swim class at one of San Francisco’s pools. If the swimming goes well, I want to race an Olympic triathlon before the end of the year.


I want my car to survive 2013. My stalwart vehicle will likely fail smog inspection in March 2014, and that may be the end of the yellow-and-blue beauty.


I’m having a fine time at the job (finally!), but this ongoing refocus to other parts of my life feels more like a temporary sinecure than a career. Of course, my thoughts could change if the company’s stock price jumps. By the end of 2013, I ought to move on from this position. In the meantime, however, I still have much research chemistry that I would like to incorporate into commercial products. Moreover, I have a company of my own to run.


I want to enter the SF Weekly newspaper Mastermind contest for new artists. Unfortunately, the contest deadline too soon approaches on January 4.

I want to host a runway show in 2013.

Sell a commissioned piece of art.

Give a lecture on the how’s and why’s of my art.

Learn how to weld, or rather braze copper. Make a fire sculpture (antlers!).

I want to make a kinetic sculpture. I also need to rework the parts from 2012’s Flowers project. Maybe the light boards can move kinetically.

I would like to find a better solution for my website.

San Francisco

I want to see more new in San Francisco. I love you bars and clubs, but I don’t need so much of the same oonz-oonz. There be instead film festivals, music festivals, comedy nights, pop-up restaurants and gallery openings.

Stuff I would like to explore: Noisebridge Hacker Space, Noisepop Festival, Outside Lands music festival (might be a disaster), Writers with Drinks at the Make-Out Room, Cable Car Museum, Randall Museum, and a bonfire on the beach.

I would like to try dating again.

Throw a party at my apartment, maybe an afternoon event.

Start a monthly event.


Get out of the country at least twice next year, and make one place a once-in-a-lifetime destination. Amanda and Patrick already suggested Istanbul. Maybe look into the Galapagos or Morocco.

Every year I say go to the National Parks, and every year I don’t. I would like to visit at least two National Parks, especially Crater Lake and Sequoia. I want to check out Portland again before Tess moves, visit Toronto, go back to SXSW, and attend the Kentucky Derby.

Take AJ to Commonwealth. Look into Benu or the French Laundry.