2016: The Year of The Body

2016 shall be the year of the body. Last year (2015) was the year of the mind. I worked, starting a new job in a new career. Meanwhile, I churned out more art projects like The Triangles and The Roses, (I capitalized to make these projects seem more important). 2015 was also the year of conflicting heart and mind – making and breaking with Greg, meeting Stephanie, pushing and pulling, ebbing and flowing.

I wish in 2016 to move inward into the body, my body – forty-three years in service, no longer under warrantee, but still a fine show-room model. I can approach the body like a chemical engineer to analyze inputs and outputs. After 43 years with this vehicle, how my body works is no longer a surprise.

Get rid of the extraneous and toxic inputs. Stop drinking so much, especially merely because alcohol is around at work or so prevalent in my social circles. Stop overeating just because I’m bored. No more large desserts, unhealthy meals. The body is a temple. Don’t treat it like an amusement park.

Get in shape again. Be limber, muscly, attractive, yourself. Run twice a week. Run with co-workers. Go to yoga twice a week. Extend and contract, stretch and relax. Join a gym. Try sit-ups, tricept dips, curls.

Seek out a chiropractor. Open up my back. Sit upright. Be graceful. Be patient and mindful of how I hold myself.

But this year of the body does not imply a year of asceticism. Be sensuous, be free, be open to others. Think less. Push less. Enjoy what I feel. Laugh. Skip. Dance. Seek out pleasure, healthy pleasure.