Day 110 – July 24, 2014


after 10400 miles, 2 countries, 29 states, 105 days, 3.5 months, and over 10 gallons of oil.

Rabbit at rest. Now what? Time to make some noise.

My apartment feels foreign. I forget what my bicycle looks like. I bike this morning to the grocery store without a bike helmet. I have much to relearn.

I return to depression. I feel empty. Perhaps now that I am finally at rest, the weariness of the road can express itself. I stave off invitations for drinks and dinner. I do not want to see other people.

Shrouded by loneliness, I slowly unpack and refamiliarize myself with my odd surroundings. “This is not my house.” I assess, change, accept, and throw out. Soon enough, routines will return–this unsteady transition is cause for change.

I have too much in this apartment. How can I wear all these clothes? On the road, I wore the same pair of shoes and shorts. Why do I have all this art? Simplify, simplify.

The subletter Chris left the apartment in wonderful shape. I owe her $500 damage deposit.

I counsel myself:

Do things slowly as everything will get done,

Take more time for myself,

Keep an open mind.