Day 161 – September 15, 2014

I retreat to the calm of Sacramento. During my working years, I would visit Ruben in Sacramento about every two months but just for the weekend. Now I have the leisure to stay off-peak during the week.

I arrive in Sacramento. Ruben and I pick up happy domesticity. I drive him to his lectures at two colleges and collect him when he finishes professoring. While Ruben teaches, I sew a Platonic cube, type a journal entry, and sleep. Although we did not hit the bars last night, the two of us did have a bender at home with a lot of beer and wine.

We assemble the icosahedron in Ruben’s living room. The massive red and white spore sprouts on the carpet. I thought Ruben would enjoy the math for the 20-sided structure. He outlines an inductive proof for the five platonic solids.

I could stay here quite some time. Visiting during the busy workweek, I give Ruben space and time to prepare his lecture notes and sleep. We cook meals together. I like the collaboration. Ruben is a great cook.

We saw last night the movie “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” Is it best to devote your life to one passion, or more fulfilling to dabble? As I’m not passionate for a singular pursuit, I’ll continue dabbling. I borrow a textbook from Ruben to learn Linux.

Packages pile up at my San Francisco door. I need to get back. I ought to commune with Greg, run to the ocean, and check more items off my list.