Day 335– March 8, 2015

I have less than a month of freedom before I start work. I attempt now to “stick the landing” on this amazing gymnastic routine of a year. Reflecting on my remaining twin goals of reconnecting with friends and travel, I just met up with Ruben of Sacramento and AJ of Redwood City. Now I move on to travel, both frantic and far.

I pack the car with camping gear for a Tuesday morning drive south. I want to use my national park pass before it expires in May. I plan to camp three nights in snowy Sequoia National Park and dusty Death Valley. Since I’m travelling light and alone, I can contemplate, wander, and be lonely. Still, I need to be careful on the long drive around the Sierra Mountains.

After camping, I fly to Vietnam for sixteen nights of tropical site-seeing with Greg. We have charted destinations and booked short flights between Vietnam and neighboring Cambodia. Monday morning, Greg and I get vaccinated at the San Francisco travel clinic. We still need to arrange hotel lodgings.

Many might relax for their last few weeks before starting work. I’m not one of those people. Twelve hours at returning from Vietnam, I start work again, exactly one year and two days after I quit my previous job. I can do this dismount. I can stick the landing.