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May 2015


Day 363– April 5, 2015

My last day. We buy our last souvenirs, a stack of colorful dust masks motorscooter drivers wear in Vietnam. These masks shall make useful and fashionable gifts at Burning Man. We eat a last leisurely lunch at a cheap vegetarian restaurant. I shall miss bun. We drop off bags at …


Day 363– April 5, 2015

No church bells ring on Easter Sunday in humid Ho Chi Minh City. Exactly a year ago, I wandered a similarly-sweaty Minneapolis, Minnesota. When planning this Asia trip, Greg insisted on a prudent buffer day before our international flight home in case of emergency or delayed connections, so we spend …


Day 361– April 3, 2015

Like many international tourist destinations, Siem Reap proves more expensive than the rest of the region. A complete Vietnamese street food dinner cost $5, yet fancy Siem Reap dinners set us back $50 – not exorbitant for San Francisco, but ten times that of Vietnam. Poor kids at the Angkor …


Day 360– April 2, 2015

Angkor Wat is hot, hot, hot. Twenty years ago, I followed ancient Khmer temples east through Thailand quite close to the Cambodian border, but never to the holiest of holies, the great Angkor Wat. On this trip to Vietnam with another brush of the Cambodian border, I did not want …


Day 359– April 1, 2015

We survive a contest of sorts. Yesterday, we ate 23 courses of food. Over this fat day, we ate 3 courses for breakfast, 12 courses for lunch plus snacks, and another 8 courses for dinner. At the end of the long day, we slept victorious but bloated. We enrolled in …